SC-Project CR-T




                            SC-PROJECT MOTOGP CR-T EXHAUST                                  


The SC-Project CR-T silencer made its debut in the 2013 MotoGP World Championship and first appreared on the

ART Aprilia bike of the Cardion AB Motor Racing Team  as  the official exhaust  for the 2013 MotoGP Season.  A

World Champion exhaust system  guarantees  extreme performance values, massive weight reduction which was

the result of several prototypes,  technical studies,  projects and  design plans which all acted to satisfy the most

demanding requests of the best Team and Riders in the MotoGP World Championships. The success of the CR-T

exhaust by SC-Project was immediately evident with the Aspar Team and rider Aleix Espargaro  which in the very

same year of its release, led the  ART Aprilia Team  to win the  CRT  ( Claiming Rule Category ) title  with several

placings thereafter. In the  2015  Moto2 season Johann Zarco, French rider from Ajo Motorsport labelled the CR-T

 by SC-Project a World Champion Exhaust after he claimed the title and had a career best performance with many

 race victories and also podiums during this season and stated that it was the best system he had ever raced with.


    SC-Project MotoGP CR-T is now available to selected bikes:

The CR-T motorbike exhaust system is produced by SC-Project, a world class Italian Factory and leader on  the

world  stage, they  are  considered  one of the most highest performing technological exhaust systems currently

available on the market.  SC-Project  have  now unleashed the CR-T  real race replica for private customers who

want optimum  performance  on the track  which is developed with the same materials and technologies used for

the  MotoGP Championship.  This  exhaust  silencer  has  been  constructed from  full  titanium  and  aeronautic

technologies finished with a special treatment to maximize endurance at the  highest running temperatures.  The

powerful exhaust exit has a measurement of varying sizes of  65mm - 70mm  for  different motorbike  models to

optimize the expulsion of the exhaust coming from the engine and it is fully realized  in titanium with spectacular

welds made by  T.I.G.  technologies  in a  protected atmosphere.  These  welds  are highlighted blue and violet in

colour which  signifies titanium  of the highest quality.  The  CR-T exhaust system for racing motorbikes issues a

particularly powerful and highly aggressive tone. SC-Project is the world’s leading motorbike exhaust Factory with

extensive  experience  in  research and development due to our own R&D engineering department and also to the

direct collaborations of the best teams at the pinnacle of motorcycle racing: MotoGP,  Moto2,  Moto3,  Superbike,

Supersport & Supermoto Championships.   SC-Project Factory are now among the very most requested technical

    suppliers by the very best teams in world class competition.