SUZUKI GSF 1250 BANDIT | 2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012 | SC-PROJECT EXHAUST AUSTRALIA

GSF 1250 BANDIT '07-12

Price: $880.00







Price (AUD):  $ 880.00

SC-PROJECTAdvanced MotoGP Exhaust Technology.



In the slip-on line the specific link pipe is included

It does not require any additional power unit

Slip-on exhaust compatible with original bags

Slip-on exhaust compatible with centre stand

Removable baffle ( dB Killer ) included



Weight Reduction:  4.4 KG

Power Increase:  +5 HP

Suzuki GSF 1250 Bandit Slip-On Exhaust. The Oval performance motorcycle exhaust produced by SC-Project has been constructed from the finest and high grade components, built with close attention to detail and combines design, performance and advanced technology developed from extensive racing experience to provide increased power, durability and superior weight reduction. It hosts a very unique end cap in carbon fibre and provides the perfect fusion of performance, elegance and attitude. The entire body of the silencer has the integral fundamental characteristics of durability including a very unique double weaving process of laying real 100% genuine carbon fibre for increased strength, adding to the exceptional quality of SC-Project. SC-Project exhausts have been developed directly from extensive experience gained in the MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and Superbike World Championships. SC-Project are aligned with the very best teams and riders in the pinnacle of the World Championships due to the level of Factory competencies for Research, Development and Racing Technical Support. This system is a Street Legal version according to ”EU” regulations. DB Killer (baffle) can be removed to modify from the street legal configuration to the aggressive racing configuration. This product is supplied with all parts required for the installation: including the silencer, removable dB killer, link pipe, clamp, springs, bolts, nuts, and SC-Project high temperature (heat  resistant) stickers and a homologation certificate licence card. Official SC-Project 24 month guarantee **