SUZUKI GSX-S1000 / F '17-18

Price: $1,110.00








Special Price (AUD) $ 1,110.00

SC-PROJECT: Advanced MotoGP Exhaust Technology. 



Slip-on silencer includes the specific link pipe in the kit

CR-T is available in a titanium or carbon fibre finish

Carbon protection for the catalyst is included 

It doesn't need any added power unit

Racing Version



Suzuki GSX-S1000 Slip-On Exhaust by SC-Project. The MotoGP CR-T is track proven world class performance muffler and multiple World-champion exhaust. It is available in titanium and carbon fibre wrap variants for select motorcycles finished with a spectacular titanium flame arrester on the exit. This iconic muffler provides increased power, torque and superior weight reduction for unmatched track performance with unparalleled strength and durability, developed for the most demanding of environments for use in the MotoGP and Moto2 Championships and run by the very best Teams and Riders in the world. SC-Project use only the finest materials for the entire exhaust line which is made up of aeronautical grade titanium, AISI 304 stainless steel and 100% real authentic carbon fiber with a dedicated treatment to withstand the absolute highest running temperatures. SC-Project have gained world recognition for their T.I.G. welding technology that has raised the benchmark of exceptional excellence with a stunning finish, coupled with CNC machining to ensure impeccable couplings and the perfect fit. SC-Project are the ultimate in advanced exhaust technology, offering exceptional excellence from the state-of-the-art world class Factory situated in Milan. 100% Made in Italy. 24 months SC-Project official guarantee. Racing version, Not for road. Official SC-Project 24 month guarantee **







Special Price (AUD) $ 1,110.00

 SC-PROJECT:  Advanced MotoGP Exhaust Technology. 



Slip-on silencer line includes the specific link pipe in the kit

S1 race silencer is constructed from full titanium

Carbon protection for the catalyst is included

Removable dB Killer included in the kit



Suzuki GSX-S1000 / F Slip-On Exhaust by SC-Project.The S1 silencer comes from the excellence of Made in Italy, design together with the technology which is directly developed for use in the MotoGP and SBK. The silencer body is constructed of full titanium in the conical shape with the exit fitted with an elegant matte carbon fibre end cap of the highest quality. The usage of a bushing in titanium coming from the full part of the body and worked with CNC guarantees extreme precision in the mounting and a strong aesthetic impact, which is exalted by the perfect T.I.G. welding. The S1 is ready to race and has a large 70mm with optimum performance in mind. The usage of special sound attenuators in the silencer coupled with the best materials available in the market guarantee a long life to the silencer and absolute best performance. The silencer is equipped with a fixed attack bracket and the absence of silencer clamp further refines the aesthetic appeal. The particular conical shape guarantees a characteristic sound - deep, throaty and crisp. A highly unique and extremely technologically designed exhaust of exceptional quality. 100% Made in Italy. Official SC-Project 24 month guarantee **