Before you buy online from
another re-seller, know this:


SC-Project Oceania are the Official and Exclusive Factory Partner, whom oversee the total distribution of SC-Project exhausts for the entire Australia and New Zealand market, operating directly on behalf of the SC-Project Factory (established together in 2011). SC-Project Oceania is the ONE and ONLY shop online to buy from in Australia and New Zealand to guarentee you will receive the genuine original product.

We assist motorcycle dealerships, however NOT any other online re-sellers. Do not buy online from anyone else but an approved SC-Project Authorised supplier. If you see SC-Project online from another (au) listed website, they will likely be FAKE counterfeit copies supplied to your door. Buyer beware. SC-Project Oceania factory partner oversee warranty approval for Australia and New Zealand, If you purchase elsewhere, the Factory and SC-Project Oceania can not pass on our 24 months official SC-Project guarantee. To find an authorised dealer of SC-Project exhausts near you, click here: Authorised Dealer.

SC-Project exhaust systems are produced in Italy near Milan, in a technological industrial plant of 8000sqm. The exceptional excellence of SC-Project is our core value and only the absolute highest grade materials and components are used. This, coupled with highly skilled technicians, is where it all comes together in an industrialised highly technological manner to produce the very next level of exhaust systems. We offer innovation and progressive first class research and development; providing superior performance and durability for our direct collaborations with teams competing in the world of MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 Superbike and Supersport.

Only the very best exhaust factories with the highest level competencies are allowed access and SC-Project have formed a solid reputation with the very best teams in the MotoGP. SC-Project offer the absolute pinnacle of performance which has delivered championship title after championship title in the MotoGP and Moto2 world championships, and are currently the most dominate exhaust factory on the world stage, earning the name in the MotoGP fraternity of: World Championship Exhaust.

Our success have been earned over a very long period of time and we have always been driven to transfer the highest technological standard, performance, reliability, durability, weight reduction and exceptional product quality to the final customer and our worldwide fan base. Due to our dedication and commitment to our customers, SC-Project exhausts are now among the very most requested exhausts in the global market.

Unfortunately, our exhausts have now become the most highly targeted brand for counterfeiting and reproduction of fake exhausts that offer nothing but very poor quality knock off with the cheapest low grade materials. These cheap and nasty fake exhausts are made in small craft factories with no testing facilities and only simple goal: to build the very cheapest product possible from the use of very low grade components. These imitations of our exhaust systems are produced by fraudsters and forgers which are mainly coming in from China and South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam).

No testing, no quality control, no research and development, no care! These fake exhausts have already caused serious harm to both motorcycles and riders. The way in which these cheap and nasty fake exhausts are produced lend themselves to poor weldings and fixings which DO break apart. Injuries have been sustained and many motorbikes have been damaged. The criminals involved in the fake exhaust trade share no conscience, no liability and no remorse.

You get what you pay for:


SC-Project genuine exhausts offer the pinnacle of design, research, development, performance and exceptional excellence, developed from the extensive racing experience in the world of the MotoGP, track tested and Championship proven.

Fake SC products offer the equivalent of dangerous, shoddy, terribly made and harmful exhausts, made in filthy backyard sheds put together by non skilled workers. This market has been driven by fraudsters ripping off the brand name SC-Project in a fraudulent manner from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines. Fake products have terrible quality that in no way, shape or form are comparable with one of the SC-Project genuine and original products.

These small craft filthy sheds have no technologies and machinery to produce silencers and collectors. Carbon fibre is not real with a value of zero. Titanium is produced in China and contains metals which are carcinogenic. Collectors and junctions are not bent with specific hydraulic pipe-bending machines with CNC numeric control, but are homemade with basic tools. Their assembly is very inaccurate and the SC-project logo is not the regular and registered brand, but terrible copies made with polished plate and laser branding of woeful quality. The inner soundproofing presents material with asbestos with fine, silky fibres which is carcinogenic and very dangerous for your health.



Here are some examples of the fake, poorly made, nasty and therefore dangerous exhausts being supplied online. In some cases that we know of, SC-Project official photos were used for promotion for the sole purpose of obtaining sales fraudulently. The customers involved where sent clearly confeited, disgustingly poor quality products like the ones below. Protect yourself, be extra vigilant and only buy from an Authorised SC-Project dealer.