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SC-Project is constantly involved in research, test and development of new materials and new technical solutions to improve performance, quality and resistance of his products.

Which is the most stressful test for motorbike racing parts? The answer is easy… A race of the Endurance World Championship for sure. And which is the hardest one? The answer is easy again, because it is also the most famous and iconic race in the world: the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

The technical department of SC-Project decided to attend this legendary event to test his special titanium full-system with the high-performance muffler SC1-R, on his Honda CBR1000RR SP1 – SST Class.

More than this, the muffler used for this rigorous test bench was in carbon fiber, normally the less suitable for this kind of competition: for this reason SC-Project’s bike was the only one on the starting grid with a carbon fiber muffler, synonymous with absolute confidence of quality and technical resistance.

For the first time in Endurance World Championship’s history, a manufacturer of motorcycles system exhausts attended this hard competition with his own company’s staff as development and test team.

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