SC-Project are committed to developing motorcycle exhaust systems with much improved performance for both Road Use, with specific homologation certification and race versions, for the purpose of competition for our customers motorcycles. SC-Project company is officially credited and authorized for the production of Euro4 homologated exhaust systems which now governs the European Union.

Euro4 Homologation relates to both noise and emissions pollution and  is the regulations regarding vehicle poluution that now govern most corners of the world, including Australia recognised by the Australian Design Regulations (ADR). SC-Project are committed to developing a range of exhausts that meet stingent Euro4 compliance and regulations,  while also upholding the qualitative standard and guaranteeing the respect of the European laws related to homologation of exhaust systems according to Regolamento (UE) 134/2014 in regards to Euro4 vehicles and according to Direttiva 2002/24/CE in regards to Euro3 vehicles.

In the homologation versions of of exhausts by SC-Project, each system comes complete with a Euro4 Certified Approval Certificate, which is specific for each individual motorbike model. In our online range of exhaust options, they have been categorized for our customers convenience.

Represents dB noise level approved, supplied with certification.

Represents stringent Euro4 noise and emissions compliance, supplied with certification.

Represents a Race Version – For Racing Use Only

SC-Project and a handful of competitors lead the market in producing Euro4 compliant exhaust options. It is very expensive to develop an exhaust with Euro4 compliance and even more so to develop one for maximum performance with increased power and torque. Many exhaust Factory’s no longer provide certification because they do not have the resources to produce them to this new specification. This is where SC-Project have excelled, with extensive experience in the highest levels of competition and a state-of-the-art Factory based entirely around Research and Development for the MotoGP and WSBK. SC-Project have led the way.