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Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle company, which has become one of the leading names in the world’s racing circuits. Today, Aprilia is synonymous with prestige, delivering bikes with great power and superior stability. It all lies in the build quality. Right from the start, all Aprilia motorcycles have been engineered for real motorcycle enthusiasts.

The brand has over 290 MotoGP race wins, climbing at the top of the ladder against any western manufacturer. With more than 50 World Titles, Aprilia has focused on its marquee racing efforts, particularly with the Aprilia RSV4 machine. This flagship model is available here at SC-Project, along with other famous Aprilia lines, such as Tuono V4 and Shiver 750.

Aprilia Products: Enhance Your Ride with Genuine Parts and Gear

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that is best known for producing high-performance motorcycles and being very active in motorcycle sports. True to the brand, our Aprilia brand accessories are high-performance additions, excellent for those looking to enhance their motorcycle.

Unmatched Quality in Aprilia Performance Exhausts

Aprilia exhaust systems are designed to fully maximise a motorcycle's performance. Especially in power and torque output.Typically lighter compared to other stock exhaust systems, Aprilia's exhaust products help reduce the overall weight of the bike and improves handling and maneuverability.

In addition, Aprilia exhaust systems are all built of premium, high-quality materials for strong durability and longevity. This results in an exhaust system that boasts powerful performance and a premium look and feel.

Aprilia Racing Mufflers for Maximum Power and Torque

Just like its exhaust range, Aprilia's mufflers all boast strong performance, quality and maneuvarability.Built to fully optimise the performance of the motorcycle, Aprilia's muffler design also features exhaust flow enhancements, which can in turn result in improved throttle speed and power delivery.

Featuring aftermarket mufflers such as the SC1-R muffler, Aprilia's muffler range is specifically designed to bring out the racing spirit of Aprilia motorcycles. Crafted with exceptional production quality and featuring high-tech materials, Aprilia mufflers boasts a premium look and feel.


Who Is SC-Project Oceania?

SC-Project Oceania is the Official and Exclusive head office of SC-Project for Australia and New Zealand. Established in 2011, by SC-Project Factory HQ (Mi) Italy.

The SC-Project Oceania official office represents the solid and sustained commitment of SC-Project for our valued customers in Australia and New Zealand.

SC-Project is today’s Number #1 most trusted motorcycle exhaust choice. Real Motorsport. World Champion Exhaust!

Does SC-Project have stock available in Australia?

SC-Project Oceania represents the Largest fully stocked warehouse of SC-Project exhausts located anywhere throughout the entire Southern Hemisphere

When our website says (In Stock) it means stocked and available in the SC-Project Australian distribution warehouse located in Perth WA. Australia.

SC-Project Oceania hosts the largest inventory of motorcycle exhaust stock retained in Australia with Hundreds upon Hundreds of SC-Project exhausts ready for prompt delivery.

Who does SC-Project Oceania directly to the public?

SC-Project Oceania sells directly to the public and open market to the benefit of our highly valued customers.

SC-Project Oceania is also responsible for the entire distribution SC-Project exhausts to the dealerships in Australia and New Zealand. Exclusively.

What currency does SC-Project Oceania advertise?

The SC-Project Oceania Office, Showroom and Distribution Warehouse is in Australia.

Our prices are therefore displayed in the local currency of the Australian Dollar (Aud).

If an item is not in stock, how long does a backorder take to supply?

If a backorder is required, SC-Project turnaround times are usually 3-7 weeks for production and supply.

SC-Project exhausts are 100% Made in Italy.

Is SC-Project Road Legal In Australia?

Yes. The vast majority of SC-Project’s advanced exhaust development are Road Legal in Australia. Approved for Road Use with Official certification.

Our Road Legal exhaust line is clearly labelled and highlighted in Green “Road Approved”

SC-Project is the globally recognised as the Number #1 performance exhaust factory contracted by World Motorsport for World Competition.

Some of our Race Versions are also available to customers for the purpose of Track and Competition Use.

Our Race versions do not comply regulations and are clearly highlighted on our website in Red “Race Version”.